Questions and answers with Loli Laboureau.

{March 2020}

Title: Today’s Saints
Home: Buenos Aires

Where was the final image from this photoshoot featured?

Social media.

Give us a bit of background on the photoshoot concept.

We were trying to get a gothic vibe inspired by religion and death but definitely pushing it away from the drama and transforming it into something a bit more pop and fun.

Why did you/your client choose the final image compared to the outtakes?

The photograph chosen best presents the message we were trying to express.

Any cheeky moments during this photoshoot that you'd be willing to share?

Mike Amigorena was taking a selfie to see how he looked like and I started shooting. That’s when the final picture happened.

Have you ever experienced a fanboy/girl moment?

Oh, you bet. Once I was at a concert of an artist I really liked and I was tipsy so I snuck into the backstage area to hang out with her but I got kicked out.

Shed some light on how you got involved in photography.

Since I was a little kid I was really into collecting National Geographic books while all my friends were into barbies or boys.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mostly old movies and books. Sometimes the ideas come through my dreams.

What’s it like being on set with you?

Depends on the day. Hopefully, I would say fun but I can get pretty serious sometimes. However, the most important thing for me is making the model feel comfortable working around me.

Do you prefer photographing with a big or small team on set?

Small team 100%. I feel it turns out as a game that we are all able to explore.

Describe your ideal photoshoot.

I got excited just thinking about this. It would be photographing “The Simuladores”. They are a famous group of actors in Argentina who starred in a TV show from 2000 and I’m a huge fan of that show. It would be a dream come true for me to have those four men in the same room about to be photographed by me.

What makes a photograph special, in your opinion?

It's the art of freezing a moment. Making something intangible come to life and timeless.

Express what photography means to you.

For me, photographers are magicians and photography is their magic trick. We can play with people’s illusions and realities and that’s what makes it so special and compelling.

Do you photograph full-time? If not, what pays the bills?

I mostly do but I try to combine it with Art Direction and some videography.

Instagram and photography...need we say more? Give us your two cents.

It's a really great combo. It mostly gives you exposure but as everything in life there’s two sides of the coin and the bad part is that there is plenty of copyright infringement.

Do you have any suggestions to budding photographers out there?

Find a way to express your vision the best way possible. Learn new things every day and don’t be afraid to explore.

Any additional info you'd like to share about yourself and/or your photography?

Funny fact about myself: my parents are anaesthesiologists and they named me Dolores, which means ‘many pains’ in Spanish. I’m definitely a headache and a pain in the ass for a few people.

We obviously believe this outtakes concept is brilliant, but why do you think it's important for outtake photographs to be promoted in the industry?

Well, outtakes are pretty interesting. It gives you another vision or perspective of what was going on during the shoot. Hopefully, they encourage beginners to understand that to get to the perfect photo it takes patience and a lot of clicks lol.

Anything you're working towards with your next move in photography?

Well, we are going through a difficult time in the world right now. I’ll try to find inspiration to photograph my way through all of this commotion.

Share a quote you live by.

"A Calm Sea does not Make a Skilled Sailor."


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