Questions and answers with Ben Watts.

{January 2021}

Home: Montauk, New York.

Where was the final image from this photoshoot featured?

Hamptons Magazine.

Give us a bit of background on the photoshoot concept.

Family portrait, good vibes at the local beach.

Why did you/your client choose the final image compared to the outtakes?

Who knows? I don't try to second guess what they choose.

Any cheeky moments during this photoshoot that you'd be willing to share?

No. Perhaps a few cheeky quips and disagreements with my sister {Naomi}, but that's always the case with family.

Have you ever experienced a fanboy/girl moment?

Anyone that appreciates my work I'm more than flattered and happy to talk to. That's the most rewarding thing.

Film or digital?


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From my day to day life, whenever I'm feeling good and have got high energy.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I take the happy picture, keep it good vibes.

Describe the photoshoot that defined you as an established photographer.

I take every shoot seriously, it's about the long term career not one photograph or shoot.

What's it like being on set with you?

I'd like to think it's enjoyable and people leave on a natural high. Keep the good music playing and energy high.

Do you prefer photographing with a big or small team on set?

Depends on the set, what's happening. Horses for courses. Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick.

Are you trigger-happy or selective with your shots?

I don't like to overshoot things and want to keep the energy going. I shoot fast when I'm feeling it, but know when I've got it and move on.

What makes a photograph special, in your opinion?

Composition, lighting, direction. It's all been done before.

Express what photography means to you.

It's a career, lifestyle, livelihood, it's everything. It can mean hard times, frustration and anxiety.

What cameras are you packing?

Nonessential. It's about your ideas.

How would you {or others} describe your style of photography?

The happy picture. Optimistic, fun.

What were some of the major factors that influenced you to reach your photographic style?

It matches my personality.

What would you like to be known for in the creative industry?

I don't need verification from the industry. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.

Instagram and photography...need we say more? Give us your two cents.

For two cents, you get nothing.

Do you have any suggestions to budding photographers out there?

Work hard, be passionate, people will notice and respect you. You don't play photography. To do well at it takes commitment.

Anything you're working towards with your next move in photography?

Always working on my personal scrapbooks and zines.


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